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Illuminating Ancestral Intelligence with Andrea Largent

Constellations in Seatlle, WA - October 18-20, 2019 Illuminating Ancestral Intelligence with Andrea Largent
1836 Westlake Ave N, Suite 202 Seattle Wa 98112

Evoking Self-Healing in Physical, Mental and E-motional Being.

Ancestral Intelligence is a guiding principle in Life. For some of us it means that life is grand and strong, for others the heritage is one of trauma or tragedy; either through inheriting generational trauma such as wars, cultural or religious oppression, or through our own personal life-line: sudden loss, betrayals, chronic illness, events, or abusive paradigms.

Ancestral Intelligence is at work in even the harshest of circumstances. It is available to us through the process of Family Constellations. Within a Circle of like-souled people, the Ancestral Field illuminates its wisdom and guidance for us. Consequently serving the release of trauma from us as participants, personal and collective, as well as for generations before us and those to come.
The Constellation process engages the unconscious memory one holds in body, heart, mind and the field surrounding us. It applies ancient principles of relational success to events and tragedies (ancestral intelligence) - lifting limitations, symptoms, and relational challenges into a forward motion of connectivity and healing: What relates: heals.
As part of the retreat all participants step into a collective ancestral field of connection and healing. Statistically - 70% of participants find themselves with great improvements just from being present; without ever working a personal question within the group. Yet you may increase those percentages by bringing a personal question. We welcome all!

As a practitioner, Andrea Bosbach Largent holds a Masters in Family Systems, Social Work, and Holistic Healing. She has been a Senior Facilitator & Trainer of Constellations since 1992 in Europe, Canada and the United States and was one of the first 5 facilitators to practice in the United States.

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Lake Union, Seattle

Friday 10 to 6 pm, Saturday 10 to 7 pm, Sunday 1 to 5 pm

Website: www.AncestralRealms.net
Phone: Phone 610-513-2757
Email: constellations@gmx.net


none....We welcome all!

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