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Norse Mystery Tradition/ Into the Mound, Fylgia and Disir September 23 and 24

Norse Mystery Tradition Into the Mound, The Fylgia, Ancestors and Disir September 23 and 24 2017 Saturday and Sunday

Part 3
Into the Mound- The Fylgia, Disir and Haminja
September 23 and 24, 2017

We continue in our exploration of the Norse Mysteries as we prepare for the work of the Vølva. To gather our power we look to the Spiritual allies of the Norse.
The Fylgia, the etheric double, is a powerful ally that aids the Vølvas both Seidrkona and Seidrmadr (Seidr woman and Seidr man)
The Disir-ancestral and elemental beings
The Hamingja
We travel into the mound to meet with the ancestors Seidr.
Hours are 10-5 pm Fee: $200.00     

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