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Unraveling Curses and Thoughtforms March 13, 14 and 15, 2020

3-Day Workshop in Seattle,March 13-15, 2020 Unraveling Curses for Healers, Energy Workers and Shamanic Practitioners
March 13-15, 2020

Curses, spells and collectively held thought-forms have had a powerful impact on humans throughout recorded history. Targeted against individuals, family systems, ethnic groups, outcasts and entire nations, these intentional or often unintentional workings of power may touch a single person or may linger and create a lasting impact on successive generations.

Shamans and other wisdom tradition healers are often tasked with disentangling these curses and spells and to bring healing in their wake. Cursing has been an accepted or at least a well observed component of many past cultures. In fact, curses, whether intentional or not are a part of todays world as well. The presence of curses or other forms of projected ill intention often present in clients as repetitive and unhealthy patterns that afflict individuals or family systems.

Compulsive thoughts, a feeling of being under attack, chronic accidents, injuries, illness or other types of repetitious bad luck, may indicate the presence of spells and curses. Some of these patterns can be rooted in past-life events or are passed down through the family lineage. Others may be a form of self-sorcery or curses that originate as negative thought-forms which we may fuel and perpetuate within ourselves.

This training will introduce shamanic practitioners and other healers to a form of healing work which includes the skills to detect or diagnose the presence of ill-intentioned curses and thought forms, methods for unraveling them and necessary healing aftercare. We will start with unravellings of simple curses and move on to more complex generational, familial and/or past life curses that might still be affecting people generations after the time they were first intended.

This work is taught, implemented and blessed with the aid of spirit allies so please have basic shamanic journey skills in place if you come to this training. This is a non-residential training.

Class size limit: 22

Registration Deadline: Mar 01 2020


Current Healing Offices and Workshop Space
on Lake Union near downtown Seattle, WA
Directions will be included in the welcome and information letter.
Paid parking on Friday, and free parking on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday and Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Sunday, 10:00 am - 5:00pm

Fee: 400.00
Please email betsy@betsybergstrom.com
to receive a registration form for this class with the subject Curse Unravel

Contact: Betsy
Email: info@betsybergstrom.com


Basic shamanic journeying skills using a rattle

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Please email betsy@betsybergstrom.com with a subject of Curse Unravelling to receive a registration form for this class.

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