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Full ! Mediumship and Seidr

Intensive 3 Day Mediumship training in a non-residential setting in Seattle October 25-27, 2019
Seattle Wa near Lake Union
October 25-27, 2019

Join Betsy Bergstrom in a lively and interactive Mediumship and Seidr workshop that will help you to deepen your relationship to your spiritual allies, increase your effectiveness as a shamanic practitioners energy healing practitioner and change your own life as you open to great levels of compassionate consciousness. Mediumship, a partnering of spirit and humanity, is a timely and timeless practice and an underpinning of all shamanic traditions. For the many shamanic practitioners who already employ merging techniques with their helping spirits, this training offers practical and powerful tools for increased effectiveness and safety. For those who have not experienced voluntary merging with allies, a safe opportunity with many skills in place is offered. This practice is woven together with Seidr, the Norse shamanistic practice that encompasses song, staff, power and oracular vision.

Fee: $350.00

This course is full. Another will be offered quite soon due to popular demand.!


Seattle non residential training

Contact: Betsy Bergstrom
Email: betsybergstrom@gmail.com


Some shamanic journeying skill is helpful but not necessary.

Registration Details:

Please contact betsy@betsybergstrom.com with a subject heading of "Mediumship/Seidr" to receive a registration form

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