Soul retrieval is a form of shamanic healing that directly addresses this loss of soul essence. It is an ancient shamanic healing technique in which the shamanic practitioner undertakes a journey in to the unseen worlds of non-ordinary reality to find the soul parts and restore them to the individual. The practitioner finds the parts and guides them back and restores them to the client. The client rests quietly while the practitioner who, in turn, is guided and aided by the compassionate helping spirits does this work on their behalf. Along with the returning soul essence parts comes the knowledge of the treasured qualities or aspects such as purpose in life, trust in the future or self-love.

The practitioner may also bring back to the client the knowledge and power of the client’s totems or power animals. All people have power animals, regardless of their nationality.

Compassionate animal spirits have taken on the job of protecting us from misfortune and empowering us. They can do this here in our material world, as well as in the dream-time and what is called non-ordinary reality. These totems bring us literal power as well as loan us some of their own qualities. It can be very helpful to know of the totems that will be with us from birth to death, because knowing them we can know more about our own nature. Calling on the totems and creating relationship with them increases the level of their ability to help us and empower us in our daily lives, not just in times of extremity. Children respond wonderfully and intuitively to this knowledge and totems animals have been helpful in dispelling fears and night terrors for children.

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